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1. Terms and conditions 
2. Registration 
3. Subject matter of the contract 
4. Conclusion of the contract 
5. Prices 
6. Terms of payment 
7. Cancellation or modification of the booking by the customer 
    7.1 Special cancellation conditions apply to events 
    7.2 Billing 
8. Material  losses / material defects
9. Cancellation or modification of the booking by the organizer 
10. Conditions of participation
      10.1 Conditions of participation for Sternensauser / Airboarding / Houserunning / Quad and Baggerfahren 
11. Insurance 
12. Liability 
13. Complaints 
14. Image rights 
15. Governing Law / Jurisdiction 
16. Organizer

1. General Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in our programs. By accepting your booking at impuls-event GmbH (IE), a contract is concluded between you and IE. We therefore ask you to read these terms and conditions carefully.

2. Registration

Registration can be made in writing, by telephone or in person, directly to IE or to an IE-approved booking office. By registering, you accept these general terms and conditions as an integral part of the contract between you and the organizer.

3. Subject of the contract

The organizer undertakes to provide the services that he / she wishes to do according to the descriptions in his offer. Special requests can be considered after arrangement with the organizer. Any additional costs will be borne by the customer.

4. Contract conclusion

With the receipt of your written, telephone or personal registration with the organizer, a contract between you and impuls-event GmbH is concluded. From this point on, the rights and obligations under the contract become effective for you and impuls-event GmbH.

5. Prices

The prices for the activities can be seen from the offer / order confirmation sent to you. They are in Swiss francs. Price changes are expressly reserved.

6. Terms of payment

Impuls-event GmbH is one of the few organizers, which usually does not require an advance payment with an order volume of up to CHF 30’000.-. However, it is at the discretion of the organizer to demand an advance payment even if the order volume is less than CHF 30’000.-.

For orders exceeding CHF 30,000, the terms of payment are as follows:
If registration is made 30 days or more before the start of the activity, a deposit of 60%, but at least CHF 100.- per person is required. The final bill will be made after the end of the event and must be paid within 10 days.

For short-term registrations less than 30 days before the start of the activity, the total amount must be paid at the time of booking.

If the payments are not made on time, the organizer is entitled to withhold the services or to terminate the contract. Any cancellation costs will be charged to the customer in accordance with Section 7.

Invoices for ordered vouchers are to be paid in the same way as short-term, definitive bookings (also in case of cancellation!). There is a payment period of 5 days. The vouchers are then delivered.

7. Cancellation or modification of the booking by the customer

Cancellation by the customer prior to commencement of activity must be notified to IE by registered letter stating the reason. All documents already received (detailed programs, tickets, written confirmations, etc.) must be attached to the letter. Only when all documents have arrived at the organizer, the deregistration will be valid.

Medical certificates must arrive within 5 working days. For each cancellation, the customer will be charged for the following part of the arrangement
costs : sFr. 30 days before the start of the activity sFr. 500.-
29 – 20 days before the start of the activity 20%
19 – 10 days before the start of the activity 50%
9 – 4 days before the start of the activity 80%
3 days before the start of the activity 100%

7.1 There are special cancellation conditions for events

If the customer does not appear for the activity or can not be completed due to late arrival, he pays 100% of the activity. Additional costs incurred as a result of shifts or late arrival of the customer are at his expense. If the customer starts an activity only after it has started, or if it leaves it before its end, there is no right to a refund.

If the customer changes the date of the activity up to 30 days before the start of the event, a processing fee of CHF 50 per person will be charged. If the rebooking of the activity takes place later than 30 days before the original date, the cancellation costs become effective.

7.2 Charging

The billing is carried out by impuls-event GmbH on the basis of the order confirmation. Person deregistrations are taken into account in a group size of 10-30 persons up to 7 days before the event and the offer recalculated. For group sizes of 31-70 persons 14 days and for group sizes over 70 persons this is 21 days. Any cancellations must be sent in writing (by email).

In some cases, impuls-event GmbH acts as an intermediary. Impuls-event GmbH is entitled to charge a surcharge of 15% for the care of these services.

Adjustments and address changes of already delivered invoices as well as invoice splits are charged with administration costs of additional CHF 50.- per order. Waiting times of guides are charged at CHF 60 .- / guide / hour.

Payment reminder will be sent free of charge, with the first reminder CHF 20.- and with the second reminder CHF 50.- will be charged. After that, we will initiate legal action.

8. Material losses / material defects

Material losses such as headlamps, ski boots, bike helmets, etc. are charged. Material damage (no consumer damage) such as quads, airboard material etc. will be charged.

9. Cancellation or change of booking by the organizer

Most activities require a minimum stake. If this is not achieved, the organizer can also cancel the activity at short notice. If the customer does not want to rebook any of the alternative activities offered to him, the payments made, less the already claimed services, will be refunded.

The activity may be canceled or changed by the organizer if participants give reasonable cause through their actions and omissions. In this case, the provisions of the cancellation costs in accordance with Section 7 come into force.

If the activity is endangered or rendered impossible due to force majeure, weather and nature conditions, official measures or security risks, the organizer may cancel the activity or terminate it prematurely. The price paid will be refunded minus any expenses already incurred by the organizer.

Replacement claims are excluded. Program changes are expressly reserved. The organizer endeavors to offer as equivalent a replacement as possible.

The organizer reserves the right to change the activity program or any agreed services if unforeseen circumstances (force majeure, weather or natural conditions, official measures or security risks) are required. However, he endeavors to provide equivalent replacement services. If a major program change results in a price increase of more than 10%, the customer can withdraw from the contract.

10. Terms of participation

Most activities require good health. The participant undertakes to inform the organizer of any health problems. Participation in an activity under the influence of drugs and alcohol, psychotropic drugs or the like is not allowed.

It is the customer’s duty to abide by the conditions of participation and to strictly obey the instructions of the organizer, the guides and the assistants. If disregarded, the participant can be excluded from the activity. Excluded before the start of the activity, the cancellation rules apply. If the exclusion occurs after the start of the activity, the customer is not entitled to a refund.

10.1 Conditions of Participation for Star Wars / Airboarding / Houserunning / Quad and Bagging

For minors the signature of the parents or the legal representative is necessary. The organizer decides on the feasibility of the program. If an event can not be carried out due to the weather conditions, the participant can enjoy their experience at a later date. Further claims are excluded.

11. Insurance

The participant is not insured by the organizer. He must have independently completed a sufficient health and accident insurance. A cancellation insurance is recommended. Accident can not be ruled out due to the expert and safe execution of activities. The organizer can not assume any liability for this.
Participation is at your own risk.

12. Liability

Impuls-event GmbH commits itself to its customers to prepare and carry out the activities conscientiously and professionally. The organizer is responsible for deficiencies in the execution of the activity, if it is a matter of indebted failure of agreed services or changes that are equivalent to a shortfall.

The organizer pays the cancellation of agreed services as far as it was not possible to offer an equivalent replacement service. Liability shall in any case be limited to immediate damage. For program changes due to train and flight delays no liability is assumed.

In the case of package holidays, the liability of the organizer for damage to property and pecuniary loss arising from non-performance or improper performance of the contract is limited to a maximum of twice the travel price, unless the damage was caused intentionally or through gross negligence. Reserved are lower liability limits in international agreements.

The organizer declines all liability for damages and disadvantages of any kind, which are due to no or slight fault of the organizer or the auxiliary persons.

For actions of the activity leader, the organizer is liable only if he acts culpably in the performance of his activity activity.

The organizer assumes for its customers the mediation of products and services of other activity organizers. No liability for performance of the contract, accidents, delay, loss or other irregularities can be accepted from this brokerage activity, subject to the package travel rules. Also excluded from liability are damages caused by acts of God, armed conflicts, strikes, epidemics, natural disasters and official orders.

If the organizer legitimately transfers the execution to a third party, the organizer is not liable for its actions and omissions.

If the instructions of the organizer or his assistants are not followed, the organizer will not be liable.

13. Complaints

Any damages or complaints suffered must be reported to the responsible activity manager immediately in writing and must be confirmed by the latter. However, no leader is authorized to recognize claims on behalf of the organizer. As part of the program and opportunities, leaders will seek to remedy the situation.

Claims for damages must be made in writing to the organizer within two weeks after completion of the activity by registered letter. The confirmation of the activity manager and any evidence must be enclosed. In the event of late submission or late complaints during the activity, all claims expire.

14. Image Rights

The customer agrees with the signing of the confirmation that the Impuls-Event GmbH may use photos of the event for internal advertising purposes.

15. Applicable law / jurisdiction

Between the customer and the organizer, only Swiss law is applicable. The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract is Wollerau.

16. Organizer

impuls-event GmbH
Dorfstrasse 7
8834 Schindellegi (Switzerland)
Tel. 044 687 77 02
Fax 044 687 77 05

Bank details: UBS, 8098 Zürich
Owner: impuls-event GmbH

Account No .: 216-518624
IBAN: CH87 0021 6216 5186 2401 N
VAT No .: CHE-112.946.031

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