Waldhüttenbau – team event in the forest

Together the team build their own forest hut in the quiet forest. How to scout times is collected, planned and built. The Waldhütte is already at the end of the extraordinary team event.A unique and team-promoting adventure program in the fresh and relaxing nature.

The guests hear the birds chirping, the leaves rustle happily in the wind, enjoy the fresh forest air!
The team has the task of building one (or more) forest hut (s) together. Should a plan be made or are the two teams just going to build it? The guests collect the wood and other building materials in the forest and process them. It is timbered and knotted.
Creativity, craftsmanship and cooperation in and with nature are combined in this team event!
The teams are responsible from A – Z for the planning and implementation of their forest hut. Experiment and ask our guide for his tip!
Experience an exceptional and unforgettable team experience.
On request, the forest huts can be built for an overnight stay.
The program can be extended with our lively nature teacher. It explains exciting connections to the structure of our earth, the rock, forest soil and the animals living in it.

Group Size:
20 to 200 guests
Outdoor clothing, good footwear
Time required:
from 3 hours to full day
April – November
German Switzerland
up to 20 guests CHF 3000.00 / each additional guest CHF 120.00
Permits, construction and dismantling, supervision, moderation by
instructor, material, constant program development
VAT, food and drinks, possible train tickets
Hut overnight stays, forest fondue, GPS treasure hunt, star escape,
floss building, BBQ, bridge building, fishing, nature pedagogue,
and much more.

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Client Feedback Comments

  1. Anitha John

    The team event Samichlaus-Olympiade was a lot of fun and was well received by all our employees. Thank you again for the good organization, everything has worked flawlessly. I wish you happy holidays already.


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