Verkehrshaus-Rallye – Team Event LU

The team experience in the unique Swiss Museum of Transport! Experience fun, games and a lot of action with your guests. The scenery in the most versatile museum in Switzerland is unique and guarantees lasting memories and an unforgettable team event.

A thrilling and exciting adventure trip paired with adventure, knowledge, skill and a deserved winner! Our Verkehrshaus rally moves you and your guests. A unique team event!
After the welcome, the guests are divided into groups either randomly or according to a desired group classification. The group number varies depending on the number of participants. In the group, guests go through a rally of knowledge and active challenges. The guests receive a road booklet per group and visit various halls. At the award ceremony the best team will be awarded!

On the thrilling course you will learn a lot of new and interesting things. You will visit the interesting halls. In addition, you solve some tricky questions in the team on the respective topic and enter the solutions in your group booklet! Ready, Set, Go…
A unique team experience from Impuls-Event in the city of Lucerne.

Following the team event “Verkehrshaus – Rallye” we recommend you to use the catering service directly at the Verkehrshaus.

Group Size:
from 15 – 300 guests (larger groups on request)
no special guest requirements
Time required:
from 2 hours
whole year
Verkehrshaus Lucerne, Lidostrasse 5
from CHF 85.00 per guest (when booking a maximum group size)
Guides, Gruppenbadges, one Road Booklet per group, listed
Verkehrshaus-Trophy Challenges, award ceremony with
prize for winning group, material
Verkehrshaus Admission Fr. 29.00 per guest VAT, food and drinks
Catering at the Verkehrshaus, team cooking at the Verkehrshaus, floss
building, Lucerne magic, pirate attack, and much more.

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Client Feedback Comments

  1. Anitha John

    The team event Samichlaus-Olympiade was a lot of fun and was well received by all our employees. Thank you again for the good organization, everything has worked flawlessly. I wish you happy holidays already.


  1. Construction company (100 guests)

    Good day Mrs. Lüönd Thank you for your mail. Thank you very much for the great organization. We hope that we have a new request soon. Until then I wish you and your whole team a nice summer with lots of sunshine. Best regards BB


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