Urban Garden – Natural Team Event

The natural team event! Rosemary, thyme, tomatoes and many more herbs are brought closer to your team! Our gardener takes you into the world of the ‘Urban Garden’. Create your own allotment garden with our original and very popular Impuls-Event Urbangardenbags for your home or your own company garden.With the experience-oriented employee occasion, we also get around every male garden muffle and inspire them too!

Enjoy fresh air and the great, natural ambience. Do you know about plants? At this sustainable company event, our guests will learn the basics of the theme of urban bangards. Learn about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ neighbors, beneficials and pests that plant and care for herbal infusions.

Urbangardening with impulse event is packed with a lot of experience character program. Our experienced gardeners equip the guests with original garden aprons, gloves and straw hats. Your guests become gardeners, receive detailed tips & tricks in planting and dealing with various fresh herbs and vegetables.

Then you can start. The team event in which you plant yourself, create your own Urbangardenbag with different seedlings. Whether you prefer tea, herbs, or rather useful crops is up to you. According to your feelings and tastes, guests can decorate their personal Urbangardenbag with driftwood, snail shells and other natural materials.

A sustainable team experience – enjoy the smell of various fresh herbs and plants throughout the summer, which guests can use on their balconies or window sills.

To round off the creative team event, we recommend our unique giant skewerigrill.

Group Size:
from 20 – 300 guests (larger groups on request)
No special guest requirements, not the latest designer clothes
Time required:
from 1 hour
March – November Location: at the lake, on the farm, company
premises and more
from CHF 80.00 per guest (when booking a maximum group size)
An urban bag for each guest, herbs and plants, moderated by a
gardener, preparation
VAT, food and drinks, transport costs, event agency expenses
Giant skewers, other experiences such as Westerngames, farmer
olympiad, Trottiabfahrt, Flossbauen, and much more.

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Client Feedback Comments

  1. Anitha John

    The team event Samichlaus-Olympiade was a lot of fun and was well received by all our employees. Thank you again for the good organization, everything has worked flawlessly. I wish you happy holidays already.


  1. Construction company (100 guests)

    Good day Mrs. Lüönd Thank you for your mail. Thank you very much for the great organization. We hope that we have a new request soon. Until then I wish you and your whole team a nice summer with lots of sunshine. Best regards BB


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