Tricky Task – Team Building – Point!

Team building in a nutshell. We unmistakably demonstrate to your subscribers the tremendous importance of accurate communication, mutual trust and the efficiency of creative solutions. Team event Tricky Task – originally developed by Rolf Marty (owner Impuls-Event GmbH) to optimize internal processes – has been valued by our customers for years as a team building measure.

A single finger only nudges, a whole hand grabs! … as long as all fingers, nerves and tendons work together harmoniously. Is your team made up of individual fingers or an energetic hand that can move in daily working life? Only an optimally functioning team unfolds its true potential, increases productivity, finds creative solutions, acts and thinks in a networked way.

Promote the potential of your team.
The Tricky Task team program has a lasting effect on everyday working life, demands and promotes joint solution finding, tickling innovation and creativity.
The tasks put together in modules are solvable only as a team, an individual does not move anything here. Special challenges call for extraordinary ideas, shared skill and coordinated action. Playfully and through simple means, your team learns first-hand how important communication and trust are, how quickly combined forces can increase creativity and success.

What challenges does your team face?
Get a taste of the possibilities here:

  • Moat: Does your team keep your feet dry?
    Or is the collaboration going to bathe?
  • Alinghip puzzle: Clear communication adds one particle after another to a whole. Spoken is not understood yet!
  • Complex structure: here the heads are smoking and creative veins are pulsing. Do the participants reassemble the structure correctly?
  • Sweety: The sweet reward lures you from close and is still hard to reach – does your team need to grow wings?
  • Trust us: The horror – uh, no, the trust in the eyes looked! This task strengthens and proves mutual trust.
  • Tower: Success grows against the sky, is its foundation right? Who installed like most material … steadfast ?!
  • Street: Does the bullet fall through the communication network? Or is your team successfully guiding you through the course thanks to purposeful, clear communication?
  • Better than the original: Fake is the true art of precision. Is this tricky knot to be copied by your team?
  • Trust me: One team, one chair, one task: Sit down. As the?
  • Betrayed enough. Your team will also tackle other challenges with fun and share the common experiences in a successful professional life.
Group Size:
10 to 200 guests
no special guest requirements
Time required:
from 2 valuable hours
possible all year
German-speaking Switzerland, out- and indoor
from Fr. 125.00 (when booking a maximum group size)
competent and experienced instructors, setup, support, material,
constant program development & adaptation
VAT, food and drinks, event agency expenses

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Client Feedback Comments

  1. Anitha John

    The team event Samichlaus-Olympiade was a lot of fun and was well received by all our employees. Thank you again for the good organization, everything has worked flawlessly. I wish you happy holidays already.


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