Winter experience day – Mythenregion

Where the two myths rise up, you can recharge your batteries in a great winter fun! The individually selectable winter activities are for every taste and the common hut evening with delicious fondue grantieren the magnificent winter fun! Ideal also for large groups with different interests: from skiing to snowshoeing to igloo building!

Your individual winter day
The adventure day in the Mythen-Brunni region is ideal for groups with different interests. Guaranteed everyone experiences an unforgettable winter day here! Choose the ideal program for your group from the experience modules. Spend great hours in the fantastic Mythen excursion region. Ski or snowboard together, enjoy the snow-covered landscape on a hike with or without snowshoes, build igloos with your own hands or experience a thrilling descent on the airboard. The cozy evening in the rustic hut brings all participants back to a table after eventful hours.
“En Guete & Cheers!”


Skiing and snowboarding
How about an exciting company or club ski race? Pure nerves! Or inquire about the magnificent ski resort at your own pace and on your own. Upon request, we organize guided rides, ski or snowboard lessons. On site suitable equipment can be rented.

With snowshoes and sticks you can hike through (almost) untouched nature with humorous and experienced guides. Experience the winter landscape up close and enjoy the midday lunch, prepared directly on the fire. Back in the ski area you will experience a great ride with the Fungerät, the Bockerl, right up to the mountain lodge.

Igloo building
Become a homeowner on time! Walk on snowshoes to the igloo site and learn how to team up to make a ready-to-use snow Eskimo shell. Let the midday lunch in the midst of the beautiful winter landscape and then hike to the rustic mountain hut.

hike Hike on a winter hiking trail through the snowy landscape. Enjoy your lunch and a wonderful view from the sun terrace of a mountain hut. Then a ride with the old “Snowgämel” is waiting for you. With a short winter hike you reach the cozy mountain hut.

The fun tour for demanding athletes: hike on snowshoes and the airboard on your back on the mountain. After lunch from the rucksack, you enjoy the thrilling downhill with the Airboard into the valley. Back in the ski area, a short hike takes you to the mountain hut.

Joint hut meeting
At the latest here, all participants meet for a convivial evening in the rustic mountain hut. Enjoy cozy hours with a delicious fondue and groovy hut music. The hut party may rise! Take a ride down the valley with a ski or snowboard, a sled or a Bockerl or let yourself be lulled down leisurely by the chairlift (gondola).

Group Size:
from 25 guests up to 100 guests
depending on the program choice different guest requirements
Time required:
from 2 valuable hours
December – March
Individual costs after program selection. We advise you gladly and
Various adventure modules, fondue fun, guides and instructors, train
VAT, food and drinks, additional adventure modules, round trip,
event agencyexpenses
Overnight at the hotel, torchlight walks, igloo buildings, snowshoe
tours, forest fondue, snow sculptures, winter olympics and much more.

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    1. Anitha John

      The team event Samichlaus-Olympiade was a lot of fun and was well received by all our employees. Thank you again for the good organization, everything has worked flawlessly. I wish you happy holidays already.


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