Team experience Winter experience package

Experience an exceptional team day in the snow! The fantastic snowshoe tour through the snowy forest and fresh mountain air, this is how your naturalistic team experience in the Mythen region starts. Arrived in the rustic mountain hut, the team event Iglubauen starts. After 2.5 hours your guests can enjoy the well-deserved cheese fondue followed by a fun skibike downhill to the valley.

Our guide will guide you through the natural winter landscape. The snowshoe tour is perfect for beginners. Feel the crackling snow under your feet, enjoy the beautiful winter landscape and the fresh mountain air.During a short break, the participants will be spoiled with a local pastry & rosoli.Arrived on the Nätschberg the guests expect a strengthening of the copper kessi. Enjoy a delicious goulash soup with crispy bread.

Igloo building made easy …! Now you will learn in the team how to build an original Eskimo house! We’ll show you how to make an own-built igloo, which tricks and tricks to use, so that the Eskimobehausung is stable. You will also learn how to handle the material snow and what tools you need. After about 2 hours, the group-produced Eskimobehausungen are ready to move!

Become a homeowner on time! Celebrate the Aufrichtefeier with local liqueur and a hermit specialty! After the eventful ascent and igloo building, you will be greeted in the mountain hut. Enjoy a fine cheese fondue in the cozy mountain hut! A, Guet!Now it’s getting adventurous! Take a last look at the Schwyz basin before it goes down with the funny Skibockerl on the other side of the valley.

Add something extra to the event. We are happy to organize an alphorn player, which conjures up chicken skin in the beautiful mountain scenery with its pleasant sounds. Or how about painting with wood cows in the mountain hut? There are some hidden, creative talent unmasked.

Group Size:
from 10 to 400 guests
moderate fitness and guest health, weather and temperature-
appropriate clothing
Time required:
from 7 hours
December to March (depending on snow conditions)
Mythenregion, High-Ybrig
CHF 195.- per guest
Snowshoes, sticks, goulash soup, if required headlamp, cometente
guide (s), igloo building material, Aufrichtefeier with local
liqueur, cheese fondue, Skibockerlabfahrt
VAT, drinks, event agency expenses
Winter Olympiad, building snow bar, cheese / meat plate

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Client Feedback Comments

    1. Anitha John

      The team event Samichlaus-Olympiade was a lot of fun and was well received by all our employees. Thank you again for the good organization, everything has worked flawlessly. I wish you happy holidays already.


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