Skibockerl – The winter team fun

Fun Skibockerlabfahrten in stiebenden snow, winter fun pure! The Fungerät Skibockerl provides an incomparable carving feeling and is a hit over gentle hills downhill down the breathtaking steep slope.

The tobogganing fun for all generations: whether leisurely descent over the gentle Hoger, the steeper hill or up to the breathtaking downhill descent in the steep slope – the snowbocker gives an incomparable carving feeling and is easy to handle.

A Bockerl downhill is a hit and a thrilling, fun group experience. Tobogganing is already great, the sledding fun with a ski bob is incomparable!

This winter team event is ideally combined with a snowshoe tour and fondue fun in a rustic hut.

Group Size:
from 10 – 100 guests
moderate guest fitness
Time required:
from 2 hours
December to April
from CHF 65.00 per guest (when booking a maximum group size)
Skibockerlmiete, experienced and experience-oriented guides
VAT, food and drinks, train tickets, event agency expenses
Snowshoe hike with fondue fun, mountain magic, igloo buildings,
winter Olympics

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