Ski Jumps Teatresses

Fun, action and teambuilding are just three of the many good reasons that speak in favor of this customizable event program for large groups. Airboarding, Houserunning, Ski Jumping, Ski Jumping – what can be it?

Experience a unique and extraordinary team event at the ski jumping hill Einsiedeln. The participants individually choose one of four activities. Do you like action, sporting challenges or would you like to know more about the background of Switzerland’s most modern ski jumping facility? Do you know why Simon Amann regularly trains on this hill in the summer? After the adventure programs, enjoy a barbecue together directly at the ski jump facility or our unique giant skewer barbecue right on the nearby lake.

Airboarding on the 117m hill
(max 40 guests per 2 hours)
Ms. Holle can enjoy the summer holidays, snow does not need it for the Jumpboarding. The inflatable Airplane Airplane glides fast over the ski jump and you will find yourself in the arena again! Following an instruction from our guide, you will be catapulted back into your wildest childhood dreams. Equipped with a helmet, safety suit and airboard, it’s off to the jump. Impressive, where the ski-flyers should be landing so slowly … Who dares to be the first to go down? Who goes down in the history of the Einsiedler ski jumping hill and sets the new tempo record? The adrenaline rush is guaranteed. And if there is still a slalom – no problem, the airboards can be controlled well on the special lawn of the jump by shifting your weight.

Until 18 years only with the permission of the legal guardian.
Normal physical health required. 

Houserunning at the judges tower
(max 30 guests per 2 hours)

This trend event shows steeply uphill in downhill! Venture over the edge, feel how your body hangs in the safety ropes, the soles of the shoes grope vertically down with light first steps. And if you want: race! At your own pace, it goes down vertically, along the rope and the tower wall, in a horizontal posture.

You will never forget this thrill. For years to come you will remember to face this extraordinary challenge. Ideal also to push courage and energy. A literally breathtaking experience for house runners and spectators!

Until 18 years only with the permission of the legal guardian.
Normal physical health required. 

Ski jumping and flying like the stars! Experience with us the Einsiedler ski jump up close (maximum 12 guests per 2 hours)
With swing first down the slope and then lift off like a bird. Blow through the air, almost like Simon Ammann! Your first jump may not be as good as the pros, but it will give you almost as much thrill as a World Championship participation.

In the training center of the Swiss ski jumpers, pros will explain the basics of gliding, jumping and landing. Equipped with shortened skis, dress and helmet you will try the first smaller jumps. With some courage and talent are speeds of about 25 km / h and a jump distance of about 15 meters in it.

Watch the jump sport under the ski tips. Experience an exclusive tour of Switzerland’s most modern ski jump facility.
We open the doors to ski jumping for you. In an exclusive tour of the entire new ski jumping facility, you will learn a lot about the 13.5 million project, the ski jumping sport and its destinations. Together we celebrate the judges tower and the 40 meter high tower of the big hill (HS 117). Marvel at the fantastic, unique view of the entire Sihltal, Alpthal with myths and the Glarus Alps from the panorama room.

Group Size:
from 25 – 200 guests
moderate guest fitness
Time required:
from 2.5 hours (depending on the group size)
April – October
Ski jump Einsiedeln
from CHF 90.00 per guest (when booking a maximum group size)
One experience per guest, infra taxes, guide, equipment, chairlift use
VAT, food and drinks
BBQ on site or on Lake Sihl, Flossbauen on Sihlsee, ice carving, hut fun
and more.

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    1. Anitha John

      The team event Samichlaus-Olympiade was a lot of fun and was well received by all our employees. Thank you again for the good organization, everything has worked flawlessly. I wish you happy holidays already.


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