Houserunning – Unique in the CH

Adrenaline! Let yourself fall … slowly over the edge, the look is deep – very deep! Walk horizontally and secure down the turnstile tower. Houserunning at the judge tower of the ski jumping facility Einsiedeln is a unique, breathtaking team experience!

This trend event shows steep downhill in downhill! Dare over the edge, adrenaline taps in your chest, feel your body hanging in the safety ropes, the soles of your shoes groping vertically down with light first steps. And if you want: race! At your own pace, it goes down vertically, along the rope and the tower wall, in a horizontal posture.
You will never forget this thrill. For years to come you will remember to face this extraordinary challenge. Ideal also to push courage and energy.

The panoramic view from the ski jumping facility Einsiedeln is fantastic. A literally breathtaking experience for house runners and spectators!

Group bookings: Individual groups of 8 or more people are welcome to book on your desired date / time.

Opendays for single guests and small groups: For single guests and small groups up to 7 guests we offer the Houserunning on the following dates:

Coupon redemption 2019 data:

Sunday, 02. June 2019
Sunday, 14. July 2019
Sunday, 11. August 2019
Sunday, 22. September 2019
Sunday, 13. October 2019

Important:  Pre-registration for Opendays exclusively by mail directly to Impuls-Event Here you can find more information about the voucher order.

We are flexible!

We are happy to come to you with our mobile Houserunning system. For questions we are at your disposal. Click the link to see the mobile app in action:

Group Size:
Group booking: 8 to 80 guests (individual desired dates / requested time)
Single booking: 1 to 7 guests (Openday data) Larger groups on request
Normal physical health required. No fear of heights (or even as training
and overcoming the fear of heights).
Time required:
from 1 hour depending on group size
whole year
Schanzen Einsiedeln (Simon Ammann & Andreas Küttel Schanzen)
CHF 99.00 per guest
Use Housing, Guides, Material, Cleaning, Maintenance, Toilets
VAT, food and drinks, event agency expenses
Airboarding, jumping hill tour, barbecue on site or at the lake, Raft
building, ice carving, Trottiabfahrt, and much more.

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