GPS Regio-Game Einsiedeln

The interesting team event with reward of regional specialties! Modern GPS technology and teamwork lead to the hermit treasures. We bring you closer to the hermit specialties and show you the monastery village and the ski jumping resort in an exciting way!

After a brief technical introduction, the participants are split into small groups and set off as a “committed” team with the GPS devices on the way. Together, the small groups manage to move from one place to the next.
The guests experience and enjoy at the various points typical regional specialties in the local shops! From the well-known hermit sheep ram over the self-roasted Ur-Rosoli up to the local mountain cheese.

The GPS Regio Game in Einsiedeln with regional specialties is a team event that combines modern technology with traditional, regional customs and specialties. The guests get a cultural as well as traditional insight and are on foot in the monastery village Einsiedeln on the way.

We offer you two experience variant. A light version for two hours during which the guests can taste different specialties and learn stories about the product.

We are happy to extend this variant with special guided tours and tours, such as in the Milchmanufaktur and the Schafbockmuseum.

As a give-away, we recommend the small gift basket with all the delicious specialties from Einsiedeln so that your guests can continue to enjoy the event.

Group Size:
from 15 guests up to 250 guests
no special guest requirements
Time required:
from 2 hours
whole year
from CHF 95.00 per guest (when booking a maximum group size)
Depending on the variant – tasting, guided tours, tour, guides,
consumables, GPS devices, programming
VAT, event agency costs
Spiessligrill, Airboarding, Raftbuilding

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    1. Construction company (100 guests)

      Good day Mrs. Lüönd Thank you for your mail. Thank you very much for the great organization. We hope that we have a new request soon. Until then I wish you and your whole team a nice summer with lots of sunshine. Best regards BB


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