GPS Game with regional specialties

The culinary and regional team program! In small groups, guests use the GPS device to explore the region. At various pleasure stations you can taste regional specialties! An enjoyable team experience in which your guests get to know regional customs and specialties.

Adventurous team event with culinary tour!

GPS devices and teamwork lead to mutual success. Somewhere out there, some regional treasures in the form of various specialties and exciting information from the region await your group! Joint action lead to the goal and reveal various regional delicacies and specialties. The treasure hunt becomes adventurous and leads through the small rural town or over field and meadow paths.

After a brief technical introduction, the participants are split into small groups and set off as a “committed” team on the way. Together, the small group creates from one to the next hint. Experience and enjoy typical specialties from the region!

This staff outing provides an adventurous group experience that participants will love to remember. Outside, people get to know each other from another, new side and master the way to the goal via small hurdles together and enjoy the diverse specialties and delicacies of the desired region!

Group Size:
from 30 to 250 guests
Walk and enjoy
Time required:
from 2 hours
whole year
Region Einsiedeln, Glarus, Bünderland, Lucerne and others by appointment
from CHF 100.00 per guest (when booking a maximum group size)
Regional specialties including explanation by guide, use of the GPS
devices and previous settings, other small items
VAT, food and drinks, event agency expenses
BBQ fun, raft building, ice carving, ski jump, airboarding, monastery
tour, Flyer- or Trotti-exit, and much more.

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