Chlausolympiade – Christmas party

Help, the Samichläusen threatens burnout! In the funny Olympics, the Chläuse find the perfect holiday replacement. A team-promoting and festive team event with a high fun factor can be booked at the event organization Impuls-Event!

This pre-Christmas employee occasion and business event with a high fun factor is a true year-end experience!

Our Samichläuse welcome your group with a fine, warming drink (eg mulled wine) from the copper kessi above the fire and bribe with their regional gingerbread specialty. The work calls, chlusic burnout must be prevented with this team event!

Loosely divide your group into small teams. Strengthened, they tackle the many-sided challenges. Who turns out to be the fastest Chlaussprinter on duty? Which team saws the most wood for the strained Samichlausküche? Which nose flies the spices and who knows their names?
The Samichlaus candidates are tested to under each Zipfelmütze!

The Samichlaus Olympiad is team-promoting, varied and fun. The three most successful teams receive a present. The best holiday detachment is chosen – it may be cheered chlausmässig!

Enjoy a fondue chat or a raclette in the cozy broomstead. The social gathering completes the unforgettable team event perfectly (menu selection on request).

Suitable as an employee event, Christmas party, team experience, business event, club evening

Group Size:
from 15 to 350 guests
No special guest requirements for this employee event
Time required:
from 1.5 hours for the Samichlauso Olympiad from 3.5 hours with
raclette or fondue party
October to December
Various location in German-speaking Switzerland
from CHF 80.00 per guest (when booking a maximum group size)
Material Samichlausolympiade, guides as Samichläuse, winner prizes
VAT, food and drinks, event agency expenses
Outdoor fondue, ice carving

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Client Feedback Comments

    1. Anitha John

      The team event Samichlaus-Olympiade was a lot of fun and was well received by all our employees. Thank you again for the good organization, everything has worked flawlessly. I wish you happy holidays already.


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