Adventure Package 3 – zipline and ground squirrel

The mountain killer with an unparalleled experience factor: Flying Fox – Star Wars & Ziesel driving!

Flying Fox and Ziesel – this ultimate combination of experiences is guaranteed to be unforgotten!

With the longest slide in Europe, on the Sternensauer (Fyling Fox) in the High Ybrig, you are racing through the sky with up to 120 km / h. So the experience starts with a swing! With or without a break it can then go on to the unique Ziesel driving on. An eventful ride with our electric locomotive Ziesel ensures an increased fun level! Enjoy the The new caterpillar device is equipped with environmentally friendly electric drive and fabulous 500Nm torque.
This adventure program combines outdorr experience, nature, sustainability and a lot of driving fun!

Group Size:
6 to 25 guests
From the beginning of July to the end of October
CHF 239.00 per guest
Flying Fox incl. Guide and train ticket, driving Ziesel, ski slope maintenance
VAT / any drinks will be charged after consumption

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