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Adventure voucher – House running at the ski jump Einsiedeln

Gift Voucher House running – Adrenaline! Let yourself fall … slowly over the edge, the look is deep – very deep! Walk horizontally and secured down the 30m high judge’s tower. House running at the judge’s tower of the ski jumping facility Einsiedeln is a unique, breathtaking experience!

Adventure voucher – Idyllic evening snowshoe tour

Untouched, snowy forests, beautiful sunsets directly at the mountain hut, a cozy fondue party and a fun Skibockerlabfahrt the end. All this you can experience on the incomparable snowshoe hike with impulse event.


Give your team a gift certificate as an employee reward. We use the desired coupon value and you give the coupon to your team. The recipients can then choose a team or fun event as employee compensation from our experiences.

Adventure voucher – Airboarding at the ski jump Einsiedeln

Gift Voucher Airboarding – Fast, Faster, Fastest! Climb up the hill, push up onto the high-tech sled, and off you go with up to 95 things down the hill of the ski jumping facility! Airboarding – fun factor high ten and pure adrenaline!

Adventure voucher – quad biking Switzerland – gravel pit experience

Give the adventure voucher Action in the rubble – and the gravel pit is yours! Enjoy with the ATV quads with or without squeaky tires a skill course of a special kind.

Adventure voucher – Zieseltour summer

Gift Idea Zieseltour – With the experience coupon for a Zieseltour in the High-Ybrig give you adventure! With a lot of electric power you drive silently through the natural environment on gentle Zieselpfaden. The Zieselabenteuer combines outdoor experience, nature and offers enormous driving pleasure!

Adventure Coupon – Star Wars in Hoch-Ybrig

Gift Voucher ‘Europe’s longest zip line’ – race with the longest flying fox in Europe, the ‘Star Wars’ up to 120 km / h and up to 80m above ground through the mountain sky! Tingling and total distance vision experience on the longest zip line in Europe!

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