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How does an event really become an unforgettable experience? We are happy to share our event experience with you. Here are some tips for organizing team programs and experience events.

1) Event agency or direct provider?

On the market you will find offers from agencies as well as from organizers. Agencies are more expensive and are therefore only suitable for events for which a larger budget is available. Their range can be more extensive, as they often convey the programs of various organizers.

With the organizer you are directly at the source. He can inform you in more detail about the individual programs. With his sound knowledge, he can often tailor events and adapt them to individual customer requirements. Impuls-event is an organizer, cheaper than an agency and with a healthy company size, which allows individual events flexible and customer-oriented.

2) What do you want to experience? – A checklist

Before you search for event offers, we recommend that you clarify the following:

  • Should it be a fun experience event with a high social factor?
  • Or is the focus more on teambuilding?
  • How demanding can teambuilding be?
  • Is the event perhaps to be complemented optimally with different modules? So that, for example, aspects such
    as sophisticated team building, movement experience, action, cuisine and socializing find enough space?
  • How much time is available for the event as a whole?
  • Should the food and / or transport be organized as well?
  • Has your company already worked successfully with an organizer?
  • Does this organizer possibly also offer the fulfillment of the current event?
  • What budget is available?

3) Search for the right event

Searching through Google is quickly effective. Enter specific terms as possible. Compare different providers according to criteria such as:

  • is it a placement agency (with fees) or an organizer? If you are uncertain on this point, please ask unabashedly before the offer.
  • Security – what measures does the provider take to ensure the greatest possible security?
  • Are references listed?
  • How do you like the web appearance?
  • Find attractive photos and videos of events?
  • How convincing are the customer voices?

4) Criteria for choice – A checklist
  • How competent does the company seem to me?
  • Are the prices of the services offered the same? (Beware of cheap offers, the quality often to be desired …)
  • Will customer requests be addressed?
  • In what time frame after first contact did I receive an answer?
  • How flexible is the organizer?
  • Is the offer based on budget, intellect and gut feeling?

If you can say “YES!” With a smile and the anticipation is already tingling in your stomach, you probably ended up with impuls-event with your event. 🙂

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